Beyond The Margins

a documentary film

Rodney Green – Screenwriter / Executive Producer

Rodney Green

Rodney Green

Rodney Green was raised in Michigan and has a BSc in Education degree from Central Michigan University, with a major in History, and minors in English/Religion.  He taught History, English, and Philosophy and Ethics in the UK and Mexico for a total of two years.  Rodney enjoyed building community within the classroom and empowering students, and decided to expand his skills to the contexts of poverty, exploitation, and community development.  With a desire to do more to help the plight of vulnerable girls sold into the sex trade in India, Rodney moved with his wife to India in 2011 to take the post of Program Associate – Advancement and Communications with an anti-trafficking organization.

In December 2012, Rodney took the post of Program Manager for the Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research at Messiah College, which is a program that equips students, faculty, professionals, and organizations to collaborate in multi-disciplinary international development projects to empower the poor and foster justice all over the world.

Rodney has been married to his wife, Diana, for 4 years and enjoys traveling, writing, rock-climbing, reading, hiking, sports, and good films.  He speaks fluent Spanish and basic conversational Hindi.  His previous film credits include Assistant Director on the award-winning documentary, Horse and Rider: A Journey Towards Freedom.