Beyond The Margins

a documentary film

Finish Line in Sight

Its been awhile since we’ve posted an update here on the blog, or on Facebook, but we’re happy to say that the film is less than 2 weeks away from being complete!  Earlier this week we achieved picture lock – where the images will no longer be edited or the storyline changed.  At this point we move on to color grading and audio mixing.  The color grading process corrects the look of each individual shot so that they are as similar in saturation, exposure, and contrast as possible.  Brian Yawney, a senior Music major at Messiah College has signed on to the film as our Audio Mixer, and will be making the music, background sounds, and dialogue sound crisp and balanced.

Beyond The Margins will premiere at the Splice Student Film Festival in Messiah College’s Parmer Cinema on Sunday, April 27, 2014, at 7:00 PM.  Tickets are required, and can be picked up for FREE at the Messiah College Ticket Office.

Film Poster - April 27


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