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Stories Worth Telling

For those of us from the USA and other European nations, water and sanitation does not occupy much space in our minds.
We often forget how completely dependent we are on clean water.   We take for granted the access we have to it.

For people with disabilities in many nations, access is either denied, or believed impossible.  Children who are born with blindness, or a limp, are told they have nothing to contribute to society.  They are often forced to stay in their homes, not allowed to go to school.  For their water needs, they are completely dependent on others.

Perhaps, one day, this picture will be something of the past.  I have heard some stories in the last two days that demonstrate hope.  When I heard these stories, I thought to myself that these are stories worth telling.

Rodney Green

Rodney Green

These stories have a couple of things in common.  They begin with people telling these two men with disabilities that they have nothing to give.  They end with men transformed through the realization of their own value and dignity, and their fight to extend that dignity to others.

Water and Sanitation problems are beginning to be solved with assistance from groups like World Vision and their own assets.  People with disabilities are demonstrating their right to be included in the community.  Some have jobs, and they are very good at what they do.  Some organize others who have disabilities to solve problems and move towards independence.  In short, they inspire.
There are remarkable changes taking place here.  Changes that could ripple across Ghana and other African countries.  There are so many stories worth telling.  Stories of strength.

And we can’t wait to share more of these stories with you in the blog and with the feature documentary.

But for that, you must wait for our next updates!  We promise there will be a video tomorrow!

– Rodney Green, Producer / 2nd Unit Director of Photography


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