Beyond The Margins

a documentary film

Pre-Production Recap

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Ghana, West Africa

Shooting begins in less than 1 month!  Its hard to believe that once the crew arrives back on Messiah’s campus in January, we’ll only have three days for last-minute preparations before we board our flight out of Dulles International Airport for Accra, Ghana.

We’ve been hard at work in pre-production for the past two months – building a production crew, developing the film’s preliminary storyline and theme, gathering equipment, arranging accommodations for when we arrive in Ghana, and finalizing a whole list of other logistical and creative details.  Now that we’re about to wrap pre-production and begin 2 weeks of production shooting in Ghana from January 11-25, all of our planning and preparations get put to the final test.

We’ll do our best to post updates here and on our Facebook page when we have Internet connection while in Ghana, so check back frequently for the latest news, photos and videos from production!


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